ConAmor Building Bridges

We are passionate about building and nurturing community capacity in a way that respects and celebrates cultural diversity. We envision a community where people can connect across differences and find common ground to work together for the common good.

ConAmor Vision

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We strive for creating safe and courageous spaces where people can engage in meaningful dialogues, learning from each other’s perspectives, and co-creating solutions that reflect the needs and aspirations of all.

We believe that change is possible when communities come together to find common ground, and use their collective voice to influence public policies and practices.

ConAmor Values

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Culturally Responsive

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Our community is rich in cultural diversity and history; however, marginalization has been part of our history too. It is time to restore and celebrate the stories and voices that have been waiting to be heard, of those who have contributed to our society. We invite you to join us in this journey of discovery and solidarity to explore the diversity and histories of our communities to re-shape public narratives. Together, we can make community spaces more inclusive and welcome!

Our Projects