Using the POP model as a starting point

One of the most useful tools for any project is the POP model proposed by Rockwood Leadership Institute, that helps us to avoid traps that could be costly in terms of partnerships, resources, and energy.

The POP model can help us to create a clear direction and focus for any project. It can also help us to communicate our intentions and expectations to others, as well as to monitor our progress and celebrate our achievements.

POP stands for Purpose, Outcome and Process. It is a very simple tool that can be used to get us grounded and to clarify purpose and initial steps, to avoid jumping into planning or action, without first getting clear on the purpose and the vision.

The POP model consists of three questions:

P: Purpose. Why is this project or goal important to me/us? What is the motivation behind it? What values or needs does it serve?

O: Outcome. What is the vision of what success looks like when I/we get “there”? How will I/we know that I/we have achieved it? What are the indicators or criteria of success?

P: Process. How will I/we get “there”? What are the specific steps or actions that I/we need to take? What resources or support do I/we need? What are the potential challenges or risks and how can I/we overcome them?

By answering these three questions, we can create a clear and compelling POP statement that summarizes our project or goal and guides our actions.