ConAmor Building Bridges

  • Our mission is to develop and nurture community capacity in a culturally responsive manner to transform interpersonal and institutional interactions, in opportunities for growing inclusiveness and belonging.
  • Our Vision is to build compassionate and brave spaces in our community to engage in interactions that explore root causes of disconnections and inequalities, to encourage partnerships that mobilize actions towards the common good.
  • We believe that communities have the power to bring change when they come together to find common ground and bring their voices to influence public decision-making.
  • Our values and guiding principles: Love – Integrity – Abundance

Culturally Responsive

Our community is rich in cultural diversity and history; however, marginalization have been part of our history too. It is time to restore and celebrate the stories and voices that have been waiting to be heard, of those who have contributed to our society. We invite you to join us in this journey of discovery and solidarity to explore the diversity and histories of our communities to re-shape public narratives. Together, we can make community spaces more inclusive and welcome!


Love as a value can be seen as a principle that creates and sustains human relations with dignity and depth. It is a choice that we make to care for ourselves and others in a respectful, compassionate, and responsible way. Love as a value does not depend on external conditions or circumstances. It is an expression of our true nature, our inner wisdom, and our highest potential. It is a way of being that reflects our connection to ourselves, to others, and to the world.


We act in alignment with principles of inclusiveness and fairness, specially when facing challenges or temptations. We hold this value as essential to maintain self- respect and credibility, and to  foster a culture of accountability, transparency and excellence in our organization & in our community involvement.


We see the world as a place of opportunities and possibilities, even in the midst of challenges and struggles. We are part of a community that is learning to value and celebrate everyone’s success, and that offers support when needed .We strive to connect in meaningful ways that highlight the best in each other.